Gym Bag Essentials

You’ve had a decent nights sleep, todays nutrition is on point and you’ve taken your pre-workout – what else can you do to upgrade your workout? Making sure you have the right tools, along with the usual keys, padlock and towel, is a good start.

So, what are the key gym bag essentials?


An obvious one, but absolutely essential pre AND post workout. Don’t be that guy.


This one might be slightly controversial to the old school who swear by avoiding distractions on the gym floor but my phone is an essential for every session; used to record workouts, progress and rest times. And, if you don’t have your phone, what are you gonna blast through your…


The only thing more frustrating than trying to get a bench on international chest day is arriving at the gym and realising you’ve forgotten your headphones. I find wireless or headphones are better – nothing worse than having an earphone fall out mid set and struggling to push through those last 3 reps with One Direction playing in the background.

Wraps, Straps, Gloves etc.

Whatever you need to get through the days routine. Straps for back day, gloves for deadlifts and so on… We will cover the pros and cons of each later this week!


It might not be ideal if you forget any of the above but water is the only true ‘essential’. Don’t even try forcing through without it! I drink A LOT of water and will get through at least a litre during a regular session.

Simple Carbohydrates

You are going to burn a lot of calories during a heavy workout so it’s a good idea to quickly replenish the lost glycogen / glucose by taking in some simple carbs following your session. This will get the recovery process going quickly. My go-to is a couple of small bags of Haribo Starmix – 2 will come in at only 69 calories.

What are your gym bag essentials? Have you ever toughed it out without your headphones??

Let me know on Twitter or in the comments below…

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