Supplement Wars: January 2018

I’m always on the lookout for that magic supplement that is going to supersede sub-par genetics and dietary misdemeanours. I know I’m never gonna find it but the search is fun and measuring the impact of new additions to my supplement stack lets me continually monitor and improve performance and nutrition.

Supplement Wars is a monthly round-up of new additions that I’m enjoying at the moment and what isn’t cut out for a permanent space on the shelf!


I was after a caffeine free pre-workout that would allow me to continue my indulgence in the black stuff (read more about the impact of caffeine here). This is the first PHD product I’ve tried and consists of a mix of protein, arginine, norvaline and much more.

I add around 8g of citrulline malate to this to form my pre-workout drink and consume 30 minutes before hitting the gym. Admittedly, it doesn’t offer the focus or energy boost that you expect from a caffeine-based supplement but you do get an excellent pump which generally sustains through the whole workout.

At around £15 for 20 servings, it is decent value for money and the raspberry lemonade flavour is a winner.


I’m a big fan of protein bars but will be the first to admit that the quality, taste and micronutrients content varies wildly across brands.

Avoiding the chalky, heavy nightmare of some ‘snacks’, the Cyclone bar in Chocolate Caramel flavour tastes (mostly) like a normal chocolate bar. Packing 20.3g of protein and an additional 3g of creatine helps push me towards my daily goals – the bars are filling enough to plug the gaps between meals and super convenient when out and about.

Coming in at 213 calories with 8.5g of sugar puts it around average in its class but, as with most protein bars, keep an eye on that sugar content to make sure it doesn’t push you over your daily target.

Have you tried any new supplements this month? What is your go to pre-workout??

Let me know on Twitter or in the comments below.

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Supplement Wars: My Pre vs. Gold Standard Pre-Workout

Today’s comparison features two of the most popular pre-workout supplements on the market. We are gonna judge them on price, taste and, most importantly, effect. Pre-workout supplements offer increased focus and energy and can provide the boost needed to break plateaus and drive through that last set of brutal leg extensions.


My Pre is produced by My Protein (duh.) and is currently listed at £24.99. The Gold Standard is produced by Optimum Nutrition and is available from Amazon for £17.99. Both provide roughly 30 servings, unless you decide to double-scoop which is not recommended if you enjoy coffee as much as I do!

Winner: Gold Standard


Both supplements mix relatively well with slightly more residue left in the shaker after My Pre. Having said that, the Gold Standard product has a bit more of a chalky after-taste so neither are perfect in this category. But, we aren’t sitting down to sip this with dinner anyway so I would say this is the least important consideration when choosing a pre-workout supplement. For the record, I went with Raspberry Lemonade My Pre and Pink Lemonade Gold Standard.

Winner: My Pre


The reason we are here, right? First off, and importantly, neither of these contain propriety blends – the dreaded, non-committal ingredient lists that we like to avoid! My Pre carries the higher caffeine content at 200mg per-scoop compared to 175mg (equivalent to something like a double espresso) in the Gold Standard.

One of the first things you will notice is that My Pre contains far more ingredients, including L-arginine (which has been reported to increase nitric oxide production) and D-aspartic acid (which may boost testosterone in some men).

Gold Standard has a higher Creatine content at 3.4g per-serving, along with the mysteriously named Panax Notoginseng which can increase cognitive function while reducing fatigue.

In the gym, both offer a clear boost in performance. With My Pre, I noticed a definite increase in focus whereas Gold Standard provided noticeably increased energy levels and speedy recovery between sets. On the downside, I experienced much more of a post-workout crash with My Pre.

Winner: Gold Standard


Having tested each over the space of a couple of weeks, I have to side with the Gold Standard Pre-Workout from Optimum Nutrition. My Pre is an excellent choice and, if you are new to the pre-workout game, I would highly recommend this as a starting point; especially since they sell samples for less than a quid!

However, the energy and recovery, particularly considering the lesser caffeine content, offered by the Gold Standard product stand out for me. This is definitely my go-to pre-workout moving forward.

What is your favourite pre-workout supplement? Do you ever double-scoop??

Let me know on Twitter or in the comments below…

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