My name is Gary and here is a little about me…

Over the last 18 months, I’ve been completely focused on training and nutrition (in the spirit of honesty – more of the former, less of the latter) and have learned A BUNCH so far; with much more to experience and discover. It’s a passion that quickly encompasses and, with the risk of completely scunnering (translation for non-Glaswegians is ‘boring the life out of’) everyone around me in mind, along with a desire to create something, Trouble with Gary is back with a new drive.

The goal over the coming months is to share knowledge, debunk myths, offer advice and grow together. The fitness industry is a crazy place with solid advice diluted by the craziness of banana diets, fit teas and fake weights so I’m going to be focusing on what works – think supplements and workout routines – and what to avoid.

I’ve been a regular gym-goer for just under two years now and I’ve still got MILES to go before achieving anything like my goal physique. Over the last ten years I’ve trained hard and not at all, I’ve been ultra-strict with my diet and I’ve pushed IIFYM (more on that later) to it’s absolute limits. At the moment, aside from a three week holiday in May, I’m on my most consistent streak yet and with more motivation than ever.

On Trouble with Gary, I’m going to document my own process / progress along with the knowledge I pick up along the way. I know this won’t be everyone’s cup of tea, and the people who are here to read about film might not come back, but it’s important to share what I’m passionate about and the idea of helping folk along the way feels great to me!